Trump-Signed Bibles Are Selling On eBay For More Than $500

Depending on your viewpoint of the commander-in-chief (or separately, your deference to religious symbols), news that President Donald Trump had autographed Bibles for victims of storms in Alabama last week either inspired or shocked you.

Photo credit: eBay

Though some may have felt outraged at the president for doing so, it apparently wasn’t the first time that Trump had signed Bibles. He reportedly signed Bibles, believed by nearly a quarter of American Christians to be the literal word of God, in 2016 during his campaign stops across the country.

None of the Bibles last week have been offered up for financial gain quite yet, it seems, but one of those 2016 Bibles signed by Trump was placed on the bidding website eBay by user GraphwizardCollectibles, reported KWTX out of Waco, Texas. And the “good book” wasn’t going for cheap, which means more of the signed Bibles could be up for sale sometime soon.

The signature itself in the eBay listing for the Trump-signed Bible was never authenticated, but the user selling the item suggested that the autographed book was signed by Trump in person. The listing also claimed that the book was “unopened,” although the signature is found on the inside cover of the Bible itself.

Unfortunately for those hoping to buy the 4.5-inch by 3-inch mini Bible, the listing appears to have been taken down. The account that was selling the Bible, too, appears to have been suspended: Although graphwizardcollectibles has been a user since 2015 with 200 positive reviews, eBay said the account is “no longer a registered user.”

Many people took issue with Trump signing the Bibles during his surveying of disaster areas in Alabama. But many religious leaders stopped short of calling the action heretical. Still, some individuals, including Rev. Donnie Anderson, the executive minister of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches, said the move was more political than religious, and took offense to Trump’s misuse of the Bible, according to reporting from the Associated Press.

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