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Trump Should Impeach SCOTUS, Right-Wing Commentators Opine

Trump Should Impeach SCOTUS, Right-Wing Commentators Opine

Donald Trump: impeach SCOTUS

As Donald Trump pushed through his third Supreme Court nominee over the objections of those who believed that, with an election only weeks away, the voters should have a voice in the appointee through their selection of a new president, the widespread concern was that the incumbent was stacking the court to help hold the office. Now that those efforts have failed, there are calls from Trump’s supporters to impeach Supreme Court Justices.

Donald Trump: impeach SCOTUS
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Right Wing Watch shared a clip of Trump-supporting commentators Cliff Kincaid and Mark Adams discussing the potential firing of Attorney General Bill Barr. They agree, in the clip, that Trump should do so, then float the idea of also impeaching Justices.

Kincaid is complaining, in the clip, about Trump being “surrounded by traitors,” and says he should fire Bill Barr. He expresses disappointment that the Supreme Court Justices can’t be fired.

Adams chimes in to suggest they can be prosecuted, although he doesn’t seem to be too clear on what grounds.

“They can be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit…uh, violations of rights under color of law, ahh, under their own precedent, which says violating our precedent is a Federal crime.”

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Kincaid agrees and bemoans that Congress won’t impeach “these guys” for these unspecified hypothetical crimes.

It’s merely an amplification of the attacks that Trump supporters have rained on SCOTUS since the justices refused to hear the case Trump called “the big one” for overturning the election. The Daily Beast reported this weekend that Newsmax, the media source Trump has been directing Fox News deserters to try instead, is “turn[ing] on” SCOTUS — saying that the Justices Trump appointed failed to “understand the gravity” of the case.


Trump himself lashed out at SCOTUS after the court declined to take up his case.

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