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Trump Shifted Campaign Strategy After DNC Analytics Were Stolen By Russia

Trump Shifted Campaign Strategy After DNC Analytics Were Stolen By Russia

Donald Trump’s campaign managers massively shifted their entire campaign strategy immediately following Russia’s successful hacking of the DNC’s servers.

Rachel Maddow on Friday revealed that the ideological approach to Trump’s campaign appears to have been directly tied to the data breach.

Former Trump for President Sr. Comms Advisor and Trump Transition Team Comms Director, Jason Miller, tweeted on October 7, 2016, that the campaign was shifting its “data-driven campaign” from “over-performing markets” to “new battlegrounds¬†w/in the battlegrounds.

Maddow notes that the Trump campaign took part in a “radical change in its campaign strategy” and then bragged about their own “genius” which it turns out was more likely the genius of Vladimir Putin and his Russian spies.

Here’s the full Maddow segment that revealed the shift.

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Keep in mind, Trump actually bragged about using Cambridge Analytica data to dupe American voters into heading to the polls in his favor.

What’s more scary is that the former team behind Cambridge Analytica are now working for the GOP to head up data initiatives for the 2018 mid-term elections and eventually for Trump 2020.

If history repeats itself, the GOP will continue to allow Russian hacking while simultaneously employing data hackers of its own to turn the vote in their favor in November 2018.

Sadly, GOP campaign managers will likely once again brag about their efforts just as they did following the 2016 Presidential election.

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