Trump Shares Tweet That Suggests He’s Thinking About Firing Fauci

President Donald Trump quoted a tweet on Sunday that suggested he was endorsing or at least open to the idea of firing one of the most recognizable officials on his coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The White House/Flickr

Fauci has been well-respected across the political board, making him an asset for Trump during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. But his words in interviews have often been at odds with what the president has said himself, causing many to wonder if there is animosity between the two.

Over the weekend, those fears continued to grow.

A former congressional candidate who ran against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sent out a tweet that was critical of recent words Fauci said in an interview on CNN. Fauci was asked whether earlier action from the administration could have saved more American lives during the crisis.

Fauci qualified his statement, but ultimately said, yes, more lives could have been saved if earlier action had been taken.

“Obviously you can logically say if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier you could have saved lives,” he said. “Obviously no one is going to deny that.”

That caused former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine to lash out against him.

Lorraine was critical of Fauci’s words, suggesting, he, too, was among the chorus of leaders at the time saying there was “nothing to worry about,” and that coronavirus “posed no threat to the public at large.”

“Time to #FireFauci,” Lorraine added.

In fact, on February 25, Fauci had issued out a warning to the American public. While saying nothing in their lives had to change in that moment, Fauci added that the country had to prepare for the possibility that the pandemic could spread across the U.S.

“Right now it is under control but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down and think that it’s nothing to be concerned about,” he said.

Trump, perhaps not immediately thinking about the historical record of Fauci’s words, shared Lorraine’s tweet, and suggested that the insinuation that earlier action could have saved more lives was “fake news.”

Trump has denied being at odds with Fauci in the past. But the president has acted similarly with a number of administration officials he’s clashed with before. Could Fauci be the next Trump administration official on the chopping block? Only time will tell.

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