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Trump Shares Tweet That Blatantly Lies About Congress Giving Itself A Raise Within Coronavirus Bill

Trump Shares Tweet That Blatantly Lies About Congress Giving Itself A Raise Within Coronavirus Bill

President Donald Trump shared a tweet from a Trump-superfan on Tuesday, in which the user purports that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi inserted language into a coronavirus spending bill to give herself and other lawmakers a raise.

“Donald Trump donated his salary to fight the virus, Nancy Pelosi asked for a raise. This is all you really need to know,” user @CHIZMAGA wrote in the tweet.

Trump retweeted the tweet himself late on Tuesday morning. The tweet appears to have nearly 13,000 retweets as of press time.

Screengrab via Twitter

The content of the tweet, however, has one misleading statement and one full-blown lie within it.

On the issue of whether Congress or Pelosi specifically sought to give itself a raise, the answer is a resounding “no.” In fact, PolitiFact gave that claim, which has been made elsewhere on the web, its lowest rating, a “Pants on Fire,” for how wrong it was.

“No version of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act grants pay raises for members of Congress,” the fact-checking site wrote in its analysis.

Then there’s the claim that Trump is donating his entire paycheck to help with responding to the spread of coronavirus. That claim is factually true — but it lacks context.

As reporting from Vox has detailed, Trump has donated every paycheck he’s earned to the government back to the U.S. coffers. But Trump is also profiting off of his presidency, evidenced by the fact that several properties of his (including Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C.) have posted financial gains since he assumed office.

Trump’s frequent trips to his own properties has also scored him huge financial windfalls. The Secret Service alone has paid his properties alone more than $471,000 since he became president, equal to one year’s pay for a president.

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That amount, however, is only a fraction of what is known, as it accounts for just a small number of Trump’s travels to his properties, the Washington Post reported.

To review: the tweet Trump shared from an enamored user contained a lie (Pelosi seeking a pay raise in coronavirus bill) and a misleading statement (Trump giving the government his income, when he’s earning huge sums off of being president for his businesses).

The president didn’t appear to want to set the records straight in any subsequent tweets following his retweet.

Featured image credit: Image of Trump via Marc Nozell/Wikimedia; image of Pelosi, via U.S. Department of Labor/Wikimedia

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