Trump Sets Sights On GOP House Takeover As Payback For ‘Months Of Hell’ From Impeachment Saga

President Donald Trump has started to fire administration officials who he feels were disloyal to him in the course of the impeachment saga. Now, he’s aiming toward elected leaders from the legislative branch.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

According to sources who spoke to Axios, Trump, who didn’t think the House was worth prioritizing in 2018, is set to make a huge push for Republicans to take control from Democrats in this year’s elections.

“[Trump is] going to travel for us,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said. “If you look at where we’re playing, he’ll be going. He’s already made that commitment to me.”

Trump reportedly wants to get back at Dems for the “months of hell” that impeachment put him through. McCarthy has told Trump personally that winning control of the House is something that is possible.

Though not at all impossible, the likelihood of Republicans winning control of the House is slim. National polling data from the latest Economist/YouGov poll shows that 48 percent of voters want Democrats to keep control of the lower house of Congress, while only 40 percent want Republicans to take over.

To some, it may be premature to look at polling data to make predictions about Congress in the 2020 general election. After all, there are several months still left between now and November, and a lot could happen between then and now — including a change in voters’ opinions (positive or negative) based on whom Democrats pick as their presidential contender.

Yet at this point in 2018, an Economist/YouGov poll found that there was a 6-point spread, in favor of Democrats winning control of the House in that year. Democrats did just that, seven months later, by a spread of 8 points nationally.

In the current poll, Democrats are favored in every major Census region, including by 51 percent in the Midwest, versus 38 percent support for Republicans in that area. Trump also has to put tremendous focus on his own campaign, which means his promises to McCarthy may fall flat.

Trump fares poorly in the poll versus a generic Democratic candidate, losing by 6 points in a hypothetical matchup against an unnamed candidate.

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