Trump Sent White House Staff Home Before Bidens’ Arrival

Just how vindictive is Donald Trump? This vindictive: right before he boarded the Marine One helicopter for the last time Jan. 20, Trump sent White House ushers home early for the day, leaving President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden to fend for themselves.

A well-placed official not associated with the incoming Biden team told National Journal, “The Trumps sent the butlers home when they left so there would be no one to help the Bidens when they arrived. So petty.”

The Trumps Wednesday morning also fired the chief usher, Timothy Harleth. Before joining the White House, Harleth had been an executive with the Trump Hotels organization. It was originally reported that the Biden’s had let him go.

The lack of experienced staff in the Executive Mansion Wednesday afternoon likely explains why the Bidens posed for photographers and hugged for an extended period of time after arriving at the closed door of the North Portico. Done with the photo op, they turned and approached the door but it remained closed for a full 15 seconds until someone finally swung it open from inside.

“It’s a big protocol breach for the president to ever stand in front of a closed door at the White House,” a veteran White House social expert said.

Dismissing the ushers for the day and firing their boss amidst the most chaotic, intense several hours for any White House -when one presidential family moves out and another moves in – was the final, most childish break with precedent for Trump.

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