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Trump Seeks to Replace Alabama’s GOP Governor Over Canceled MAGA Rally

Trump Seeks to Replace Alabama’s GOP Governor Over Canceled MAGA Rally

Donald Trump is still living his life as though it was a gangster movie. While America essentially became “The Purge” thanks to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, Trump is now throwing in “The Grudge” along with “The Godfather” for a reboot he hopes will result in his hand-picked MAGA candidates taking over in key races in the 2022 midterms. And if they can’t win, they’re all prepared to audit the results in a display of their promised loyalty to him.

Any member of the GOP running for re-election who doesn’t first stop to kiss Dear Leader’s ring will find themselves challenged by so-called “America First” Republicans who’ll throw around terms like “RINO” for incumbents who did awful things like (gasp!) vote for the Infrastructure Bill. You can also write off the ones who voted for Trump’s second impeachment, because that’s an added layer of betrayal he can use against them in his endorsements of their opponents.


Someone finding out what happens when you don’t give Lil Donnie all of the toys is Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, whom Trump is personally blaming for canceling a July MAGA rally in her state.  Trump recently met with Lynda Blanchard, a former ambassador in his administration, to discuss a possible endorsement if she abandons her Senate campaign and instead challenges Ivey in the 2022 GOP primary, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. “Trump has privately blamed Ms. Ivey for a state commission decision to block the former president from holding a rally in July at USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, which includes a World War II battleship and other historic military aircraft,” the newspaper reports. “A spokeswoman for Ms. Ivey had said the governor played no role in that decision.”

Commissioners at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park said they canceled the Trump rally because the facility can’t be used for partisan political events, the local NBC affiliate reported at the time. They made the decision to cancel the rally after seeking an opinion from the state’s Republican attorney general, but facts have never once mattered to the willfully obtuse Former Guy, and it has to be somebody else’s fault because nothing can ever be on him.

So now Kay Ivey has the added problem of running against Trump while also running for re-election, despite her being a fairly open supporter of his up to this point. Governor Ivey even posted photos on social media of her welcoming Trump to the state for a rally in Cullman.

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But Trump’s memory of any good thing is immediately obliterated by any perceived slight, and therefore Donny Thin Skin is now going to make sure Kay Ivey loses in 2022. Instead, he’ll probably ruin Lynda Blanchard’s political career, because his endorsement is quite often the political kiss of death.

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