Trump Says We Can’t Give Election To An “Illegitimate President;” Asks SCOTUS To Do Just That

Donald Trump’s Thursday morning tweetfest dipped deep into conspiracy and the alternate reality he’s built up around the election. In an incredible display of cognitive dissonance, he declared that the election cannot be ‘given’ to a candidate who lost — while he also demands that the Supreme Court give the election to the candidate who lost.

Donald Trump doesn't want an illegitimate president, asks SCOTUS to appoint one

Donald Trump still refuses to publicly acknowledge the truth: he lost. He lost by a lot. He lost by a landslide. That’s perhaps inconvenient for his ego, his bottom line, and his efforts to avoid prosecution, but it’s still the fact.

Trump is still banking on his donors and supporters failing to see through blatant contradictions. On Thursday morning, he tweeted to suggest that the Supreme Court should overturn the election results, defy the will of the American people, and hand him the election.

Less than five minutes later, he tweeted again to declare that it would be completely wrong to ‘give’ an election to an illegitimate president who lost in swing states.

The contradiction, of course, is in the projection. In the false reality Trump is trying to broadcast, Joe Biden lost those swing states, is being ‘given’ the election, and will be an illegitimate president. In the real world, that’s Trump: he lost by a lot, in some unexpected places, lost both the popular and the electoral vote, and lost the election. Now he wants to be given the win anyway, and be seated for a second term, serving as an illegitimate president, appointed rather than elected.

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