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Trump Says U.S. Tougher to Deal With Than Russia, North Korea

Trump Says U.S. Tougher to Deal With Than Russia, North Korea

Donald Trump made what could be his final campaign appearance this morning on his favorite television network sounding tired, hoarse and more than a little bitter. After Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt remarked how nice it must have been for Trump to have heard “I love you” back from last night’s campaign rally, she asked what sounded like an exit interview question: “Have you loved the job? Has it been worth it because you’ve been under so much attack?”

Trump complained that “it’s been mean. You have to deal with horrible people,” ticking off his standard list of Democratic arch villains – Rep. Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. He then made the bizarre assertion that this country “by far” has been more difficult to deal with than Russia, North Korea or China.

“We have some very deceptive people. I think they’re sick in some ways. I think Adam Schiff is a sick person,” the president said.

Brian Kilmead then asked Trump if he wanted to respond to former President Barack Obama’s comments yesterday that the president cares more about the size of the crowds at his rallies than he does about protecting people from the coronavirus. That was all the opening the president needed to take the Fox network to task for not being sycophantic enough to him.

“Fox has changed a lot. Somebody asked what’s the biggest difference between now and four years ago and I say ‘Fox.’ It’s much different.” The three F&F hosts interrupted Trump to defend the network, saying its trying to report on both sides of the presidential election. Kilmead attempted to ask a follow-up question about whether Obama gets under Trump’s skin, but clearly it was the Fox network that was irritating Trump on the morning of the election.

“In the old days they wouldn’t have put sleepy Joe Biden on every time he opens his mouth. They have other networks for that, frankly,” he said.

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