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Trump Says Tulsa Rally Was Safe Because the Ratings Were Huge

Trump Says Tulsa Rally Was Safe Because the Ratings Were Huge

In June of this year, despite warnings from health experts, Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly after, rally-goer and former Republican presidential nominee, Herman Cain, died of COVID-19. While it’s not certain that Cain contracted the virus at the rally, it can be ruled out.

Via Herman Cain Twitter Account

The Tulsa rally was also personally embarrassing embarrassing for the President.  The city’s fire department estimated that the BOK Center, which holds around 18,000 people, was only around 1/3 full. Still, Donald Trump is claiming that the event was a success to to good TV ratings.

Questioning the decision, Axioms’ Jonathan Swan asked Trump, “By June we knew things were bad. These people, they listen to you.”

Trump first lied about protesters keeping people from entering the building. He told the host, “You couldn’t even get in. It was an armed camp, because they had 120 Black Lives Matter People there.”

The President then went on an extended rant:

“We had a tremendous crowd, we had a tremendous response. The other thing that nobody wants to talk about. So Fox broadcast it. It was the highest rating in Fox television, Saturday night. It was the highest rating…The speech was the highest rated speech in the history of Fox television on Saturday night and nobody says that.”

Swan countered by saying that there was no doubt that Trump could draw interest. The concern was based on safety concerns for the crowd. The President responded by saying that the United States has the Covid-19 pandemic, “under control.”



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