Trump Says the Chances of Another Government Shutdown on Feb 15th are Greater ‘than 50-50’

With the President giving in to Democrats’ request to reopen the government for three weeks while both sides negotiate on border security, it appears that we may be headed for yet another shutdown by February 15th.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump said that he was pessimistic over coming to an agreement on a $5.7 billion funding package to start the construction of a border wall along the US/Mexico border.

“I personally think it’s less than 50-50,” Trump said, of the chances that a deal will be reached before the stop-gap funding bill signed last week expires.

With the President unlikely to accept any deal which would fund the start of his planned wall, and with Democrats in a position where they seem to benefit politically from any additional shutdown forced by the president, there is little hope that a deal will be reached unless the President decides to give in to Nancy Pelosi once more.

“We asked the president to open up government so we would have time to have debate on the best way to protect our border,” Pelosi said. “Democrats are committed to border security and we think we have some better ideas about how to do so, that protects our borders, honor our values and are cost-effective.”

Regardless of what happens in the next two and a half weeks, one thing is for certain, and that is that both sides will need to give a little if another shutdown is avoided.

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