Trump Says No COVID Relief Until After the Election, SCOTUS Nominee Comes First

Not only is Donald Trump suffering from COVID-19, he is also in horrible political health. A Wall St. Journal/NBC News poll from over the weekend showed his trailing Joe Biden by 14%. Even worse, a CNN poll released on Tuesday morning showed him trailing the former Vice President by a whopping 16%.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

With his political career on life support, one may think that Trump would be looking to help as many voters as humanly possible. The president has decided to go in a completely opposite direction. On Tuesday, he told reporters that he does not want a COVID-19 relief bill done until after the election.

While the GOP has tried to paint an overly rosy picture of the economy, it is still in shambles. Millions of Americans are collecting unemployment and many others will never see their jobs return. Nancy Pelosi and Steve Mnuchin had recently met to discuss the possibility to coming together on a deal.

According to Trump, though, that will not be happening. NBC News reports, “President Trump says he has ‘;instructed my representatives to stop negotiating’ for a new coronavirus relief bill ‘until after the election;’ says he has asked Sen. McConnell to “focus full time on approving my outstanding nominee” to the US Supreme Court.”

This is certainly an odd choice politically. A new stimulus package is a popular idea on both sides of the aisle. A rushed Supreme Court nominee could spell the end for not only Trump but a number of endangered GOP incumbents.

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