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Trump Says He’s Made Zero Missteps During COVID, Blames Governors

Trump Says He’s Made Zero Missteps During COVID, Blames Governors

COVID-19 hit the country hard during the month of March. Traditionally blue states like New York, New Jersey and Washington had the lions share of cases. While cases were trending downwards in May, they shot back up later that month. These new cases have occured mostly in red states that opened their businesses too quickly.

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And many of these red state Governors were listening to the guidance of Donald Trump. Still, during a Thursday interview with Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump said he has made zero mistakes during the pandemic.

Rivera, who is a frequent defender of the President, asked, “Looking back on this awful plague that’s now killed almost 160,000 Americans, there were some missteps. Don’t you wish you had done some things differently?”

In typical Trump fashion, the President replied, “First of all, the governors run their states — you understand that. That’s the way it’s set up and that’s the way it’s supposed to be… We’ve had some great governors, and we’ve had some governors that didn’t do as well.”

Geraldo continued to press the President, “So you don’t admit any missteps?” Trump answered, “I guess you could say that people call things wrong. But it’s understandable. Nobody knew what this disease was… But no, I think we’ve done an unbelievable job.”

You can listen to the entire interview here


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