Trump Says He’d Leading Biden, Sanders in Polls. It’s Hard to Find One Where He Is

For months now, it seems like the Republican establishment has preferred any candidate but Joe Biden. As Biden began to surge in the Democratic primary race, Trump began to tweet about a conspiracy against fellow nomination seeker Bernie Sanders.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The reasoning behind the push towards other candidates is obvious. Most polls showed a number of Democratic candidates leading Trump in a head to head race, but with Biden having the largest margin. A miffed Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that he is ahead of both Biden and Sanders in polls. It’s difficult, however to find polling that reflects this.

The President was responding to a tweet from a Sanders supporter. The tweet claimed that Biden would lose to Trump. Trump wrote, “Polls say they BOTH lose to “Trump.”

Followers were quick to accuse the President of Gaslighting the American people. Others shared this Real Clear Politics page that showed Biden leading Trump in all but one recent poll.

Many of these surveys were taken after Biden’s Super Tuesday push, but may not reflect Trump’s controversial response to the coronavirus.

A Quinnipiac poll released this week had Biden up on Trump by 11 percent nationwide. One of the key questions on the survey was what candidate you would trust more in a crisis. Biden led the President 56-40.

Poll Analyst Tim Malloy said:

“Perhaps most troubling for the Trump camp in these numbers is the comparative assessment of which candidate can handle a crisis: it is Biden hands down. Couple that with an approval rating frozen in the low forties and comparatively terrible numbers on leadership, honesty, and empathy for fellow Americans, and team Trump has a formidable fight ahead.”


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