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Trump Says He Rejects Climate Change’s ‘Foolish Fortune Tellers’ During World Economic Forum Speech

Trump Says He Rejects Climate Change’s ‘Foolish Fortune Tellers’ During World Economic Forum Speech

President Donald Trump’s focus at the World Economic Forum deviated from the concerns of the rest of the attendees, and was dismissive overall of the idea that climate change was a topic worth worrying over.

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As HillReporter.com previously reported, the WEF in Davos, Switzerland, is set to put climate change as one of its chief topics of discussion. Indeed, a survey conducted by the organization found that each of the top five concerns for economic experts and business leaders around the globe had to do with a climate change-related issue.

As such, WEF President Borge Brende said that Trump would likely be confronted on the issue while he attended the event.

“We like frank conversations” with Trump on climate “to move the world forward,” Brende said.

But Trump’s address to the WEF sought to brush the topic aside, putting his focus on positive economic outcomes instead of the dangers that climate change poses to the world, The Age reported.

“This is not a time for pessimism. This is a time for optimism,” Trump said to the group on Tuesday.

“Fear and doubt is not a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism and action,” he added. “But to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow, we must reject the perennial profits of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse. They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers.”

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Trump sought to brand those who would rather look toward addressing the warming of the planet, and the effects that trend is causing, in a negative light. “Alarmists” are demanding “absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives,” the U.S. president said.

“We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country, or eradicate our liberty,” Trump added.

Trump’s address received a lot of press, but so, too, did the words of climate activist Greta Thunberg, who is also at the WEF event this week. In her address, she questioned what justifications leaders would give to future generations for what destruction could come about as a result of their inaction on climate concerns.

“I wonder, what will you tell your children was the reason to fail and leave them facing the climate chaos you knowingly brought upon them?” Thunberg said, per reporting from the New York Times.

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