Trump Says He Didn’t Know That Manafort Gave Polling Data to Russians

The Trump campaign had multiple conversations with Russian operatives. From the famed Trump Tower meeting to Michael Flynn’s sanction talks with Sergey Kislyak, the connections abound.

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Perhaps no member of Team Trump had more intimate Russian relationships than Paul Manafort. Manafort, who served as Trump’s Campaign Chairman for approximately 5 months, had ties to both The Kremlin and Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the New York Times released a bombshell report that Manafort had been sharing internal Trump poll numbers with a Russian associate.

Clint Watts from the Foreign Policy Research Institute says, “This is the closest thing we have seen to collusion.┬áThe question now is, did the president know about it?”

According to Donald Trump, the answer is no. When asked about the sharing of the polling data, Trump said, “No, I don’t know anything about it. Nothing about it.”

Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible Russian collusion is not likely to take Trump at his word. Manafort has been questioned by Mueller’s team on multiple occasions and his upcoming report will reveal if this topic had come up.

See Trump’s reply here:

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