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Trump Says Chinese and European Travel Ban “Saved Thousands of Lives”

Trump Says Chinese and European Travel Ban “Saved Thousands of Lives”

Countries that were able to successfully stop rapid spread of coronavirus have done so through massive amounts of testing and enforced social distancing. China, which took these steps early on, has been able to ease restrictions and start their economy again.

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Donald Trump’s first action to prevent the spread in the US, did not have to do with social distancing or increased testing. The President ordered a travel ban against people coming in from China. On Monday night, an angry Trump raged about a New York Times article and claimed his ban had saved “thousands of lives.”

At 10:45 at night, the President wrote, “This is the way the New York Times finished a story on me. ‘You can see the contrast between the steady, assured, informed and strong leadership that VP Biden (Sleepy Joe) has shown, and the bungling, chaotic and dishonest start-stop approach that Mr. (not Pres.) Trump has shown.'”

Trump continued, “They meant the opposite? Forgot to mention that I closed our Country to China (and Europe) very early, long before it was considered acceptable to do so. Sleepy Joe said I was “xenophobic”, but I saved thousands of lives! Fake News!”


There is no evidence that Trump’s travel ban saved any lives at all. The move was criticized as being too late since the virus was already present in the US.

Trump’s former Homeland Security Adviser tweeted at the time, “There’s little value to European travel restrictions. Poor use of time & energy. Earlier, yes. Now, travel restrictions/screening are less useful. We have nearly as much disease here in the US as the countries in Europe. We MUST focus on layered community mitigation measures-Now!”



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