Trump Says Bob Woodward Book, “Rage,” Is Fake — But Gave Him 17 Interviews For It

Donald Trump is often very vocal about any criticism of him being ‘fake.’ He’s claimed that the authors of numerous books filled their pages with lies and slander. Now he’s saying the same about Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Rage. However, Trump reportedly participated in 17 interviews for the book’s contents.

Donald Trump says Bob Woodward's Rage is fake book
[Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images]

As reported yesterday, Woodward’s new book is expected to spill details on how Trump’s policy style brought about some of the disasters of 2020, and includes disclosures from a stack of documents, including letters between Trump and Kim Jong Un. In a series of Friday tweets, the president claimed that the book would be fake, and boasted that he has “been getting lots of great books.”

“Everybody does phony books on Donald Trump,” the president complains. However, according to CNN, Woodward conducted 17 interviews with Trump, including visits at the White House and Mar-A-Lago, and by phone.

Trump also called Woodward’s previous book, Fear: Trump In The White House a “scam” and denied content that described him as pitted against staff including James Mattis, John Kelly, and Jeff Sessions. Trump’s denials didn’t hold up well, though, when all three had left their positions only a few months after the book’s publication.

Woodward reportedly makes a habit of getting permission to record and document all his interviews with subjects, and keeping the evidence to back up his content.
Trump hasn’t said exactly what content he might object to, but the book reportedly includes “explosive accounts” of the president’s views on topics from Black Lives Matter protests to the pandemic to national security matters.

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