Trump Says He Takes “Vain And Insensitive” As A Great Compliment

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday evening to express appreciation for a sentiment calling him “vain, insensitive, and raw.” Actor and producer James Woods listed these traits in a tweet that also voiced support of Trump, saying that the president loves America and that Washington is a cesspool.

Donald Trump, vain, insensitive
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

James Woods tweeted his support of Trump for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election Sunday afternoon, but his statement wasn’t fully flattering, by most standards. Though he credited Trump with protecting America from “this cesspool called Washington,” he also described the president as someone subject to vanity, and without sensitivity.

However, Trump appeared to see only the line of support, and gloss over the less appealing parts of the description. He shared the tweet on his own timeline, calling it a great compliment.

Though this tweet wasn’t entirely complimentary, Woods has been consistent in support of Trump, saying two years ago that Trump had “literally saved” America, and crediting him with working for free (though it’s true that Trump has announced he was donating his salary each quarter, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington notes that the costs his family has created with their travel have been significant, with the Trump family taking 12 times as many trips as the previous administration, and The Atlantic verifies that Trump has actually charged the Secret Service hundreds of dollars per night in rent while they protected him on his own properties).

However, Woods has also called on Trump to focus on the current crisis and be humble, instead of getting caught up in his own image.

Donald Trump has a high level of appreciation for compliments, and often retweets or amplifies when someone says he’s great. In this case, perhaps he didn’t find those qualities to detract too much from the message of support for the November election, or perhaps he doesn’t consider “vain, insensitive, and raw,” to be too insulting.

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