Trump Rushes Back To D.C., Fearing He’s Lost The GOP

Before Christmas, at least one person who had been in Donald Trump’s inner circle postulated that the president might not return to the White House at all after Christmas, as he struggled with facing his loss. However, contrary to that, Trump is reportedly returning ahead of schedule — and insiders say he’s running scared.

Donald Trump heads back to DC early after GOP won't cooperate with his demands

For the past four years, the Republican party has increasingly become the Trump party, but it’s beginning to look as though that era is coming to an end. Not only did Trump lose the election and all the subsequent court cases — including the Supreme Court — in which he tried to alter the outcome, but the Congressional confirmation of the electoral vote is less than a week away, and there’s no sign that a challenge will change anything.

Alternet reports that another contributing factor is Trump’s frustration with Republicans’ refusal to support $2k stimulus checks after he issued the demand. He reportedly complained that Republican leadership was refusing to follow this and other requests including his fight against the election results and his battle against social media companies for putting disclaimers on false tweets. “Why aren’t they just listening?” the president reportedly asked during his Mar-a-Lago Christmas stay.

Now according to CBS, he’s returning to the White House a day ahead of schedule, returning on New Years’ Eve instead of celebrating at his property.

Trump has been hyping a protest that he hopes will be massive on January 6th, inviting all his fans to show up and let Congress know that they don’t want the electoral vote certified, in the penultimate confirmation of Joe Biden’s presidency. Some have also promised to show up on January 20, protesting Biden’s inauguration.

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