Trump Rewtweets Curb Your Enthusiasm Clip Mocking Him and His Supporters

Donald Trump seems to delight in the fact that many of his supporters are bikers, police officers or serve in the military (though his favorability ratings with active service members are just as bad as with the general public). The President even bragged during an April 2019 rally that his supporters could “get tough” against Democrats.

Screenshot via HBO

On Monday night, the President retweeted a clip from a recent episode of HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. What Trump didn’t seem to realize, though, was that the clip was mocking both his presidency as well as his supporters.

The clip Trump shared showed character Larry David cutting off a biker in traffic. When the biker confronts David, he puts on a MAGA hat to avoid the predicament. Trump captioned the segment, “Tough guys for Trump.”

The MAGA hat was a prominent prop during that episode. The character David portrays pulls out the hat whenever he wants to avoid a conversation. The joke being that no one would want to interact with anyone who would wear the hat in public.

The actor/comedian was asked about the episode during an interview with Michael Kay. When Kay mentioned that he could be alienating Trump supporters, David responded, “I don’t give a fu*k.”


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