Trump Retweets Video of Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson

President Trump retweeted a video that showed boxing legend, and convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, training for the ring on Sunday. Trump encouraged Tyson in the tweet saying, ‘Keep punching Mike!’ The video shows the 53-year-old retired boxer sparring in the ring. It has been 15 years since Tyson’s last match, and he plans to get back into the ring. Trump and Tyson have had a 30-year friendship and business partnership that has had many ups and downs.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Tyson posted the video on Friday with the title, “the Baddest Man on the Planet”. Tyson was promoting the upcoming BlueRay release of “Bad Boys For Life,” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawerence.

Tyson tweeted, “I’m a Bad Boy for Life. Watch #Badboysforlife now on DVD BlueRay @realmartymar #Willsmith #stillthebaddestmanontheplanet.”

Trump has known Tyson for 30 years and has even said that he was inspired by Tyson’s intimidation tactics he used against his opponents. Tyson has also been a political supporter of Trump.

Trump becomes Tyson’s financial manager in the 1980s, but the partnership only lasted a couple of years. At one point, Tyson accused Trump of sleeping with his then-wife Robin Givens, Trump alleges in his book, “The Art of the Deal”. Despite this, Trump showed support for Mike when he was convicted of rape. In 2016 Tyson endorsed Trump for president. Tyson has returned the support by helping secure votes in 2016.

Trump, himself, has been accused of sexual assault by many women who were put on display during the 2016 campaign. Tyson claims he helped secure a significant amount of votes for Trump in 2016. Tyson might be able to play a pivotal role this time around, as the President needs all the votes he can muster.

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