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Trump Retweets User Who Promptly Changes Name To ‘F–k Donald Trump’

Trump Retweets User Who Promptly Changes Name To ‘F–k Donald Trump’

President Donald Trump was livid on Wednesday morning, retweeting dozens of users after he himself tweeted out fury against a firefighters union that had put its support behind Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden earlier this week.

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Unfortunately for the current commander-in-chief, he did not pay close mind to whom he was retweeting, and ended up sharing the thoughts of a user who later changed their screen name to “F–k Donald Trump.”

The president wrote out on Wednesday morning, quoting a separate tweet from conservative podcast host Dan Bongino, that Trump had done “more for Firefighters than this dues sucking union will ever do.”


He then proceeded to retweet dozens of other individuals who responded to Bongino’s original tweet, who were affirming that they didn’t support the firefighters union’s positions, or that they were in support of Trump’s 2020 presidential run, or both.

One of those tweets was from user @gIamourizes, who replied to Bongino that their husband, supposedly a firefighter himself, would be “voting Trump 2020 all the way!” Trump was quick to retweet the user, who previously had less than 100 followers on the social media site before being shared.


After their tweet appeared on the president’s timeline, the user made the name change — as well as changing their profile picture to express support for Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders.

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The user sent another tweet later on in the morning expressing their views on Trump, describing him as an “awful, hateful human being.”


As of press time, around 7:40 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, the tweet from @gIamourizes remains on Trump’s Twitter feed, including the name change that bears the expletive within it.

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