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Trump Retweets “Trump Lost BIG!!!”

Trump Retweets “Trump Lost BIG!!!”

Donald Trump has a habit of retweeting posts that appear to praise him or support his praise or exoneration of himself, without actually checking his sources. Sometimes, Twitter users who oppose him strongly take this opportunity to send a message. Since tweets can’t be edited, a quick name change is in order.

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In this case, a Twitter user whose handle is @Spudnikus, posted about COVID-19 cases in Germany. Trump retweeted this to support his claims that he, in the United States, has done an efficient job of fighting COVID-19 (despite over a quarter-million people dead). Then, @Spudnikus changed their display name to Trump lost, BIG!!!.

Trump tweets that he's a loser
[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Twitter]

The end result? Donald Trump appears to have retweeted and added commentary to a post declaring that he lost the elections.

It’s not the first time he’s retweeted somewhat indiscriminately — back in September, he reshared a post with a photo of himself, and a commentary using the phrase “not fat” — but even the most cursory inspection of the post makes it quite clear the original poster was actually mocking Trump’s body size, not offering support or compliments.

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He did something similar in May, when he shared, presumably by accident, a post from a critic, mocking both Trump and Fox News.

Haaretz also reported in May on another retweet goof by the president — in this case, he shared something from a poster who may have been baiting him. The individual declared their NYC firefighter spouse’s support for Donald Trump. After the president retweeted the post, the original poster changed their display name to read “F**k Donald Trump.”

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