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Trump Retweets Multiple Attacks On Don Jr.’s Subpoena Request

Trump Retweets Multiple Attacks On Don Jr.’s Subpoena Request

Donald Trump spent Saturday morning on Twitter, retweeting defense after defense of himself and his son. The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena this week, requiring Donald Trump Jr. to return to testify regarding the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia, and the information uncovered in Robert Mueller’s report.

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The president has responded publicly, in his own words, to say that he feels it’s unfair for his son to be subpoenaed after being exonerated (a claim he makes repeatedly despite the Mueller report’s clear statement that it is not an exoneration), and on Saturday, he followed up by responding in everyone else’s words.

According to the New York Times, the subpoena was issued by a committee chaired by Republican Senator Richard Burr (NC) with Democratic Senator Mark Warner as Vice Chair, and they have previously stated that their investigation can’t close without Trump Jr.’s testimony.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, Trump retweeted politicians, pundits, and reporters, all saying that the subpoena is unfair and inappropriate, a witch hunt, and purely a partisan political attack. His retweets included Senator Thom Tillis, Governor Mike Huckabee, Representative Pete King, Senator Ted Cruz, as well as tweets of news stories quoting everyone from conservative commentator Sean Hannity to the same politicians Trump retweeted directly, and opinions from pundits themselves.

As seen in the partial sample above, Trump showed some preference for those tweets and speakers that used his own words, such as “witch hunt,” or repeated the verifiably false claim that the Mueller report exonerated anyone or proved that there was no criminal activity. Between these, the President also retweeted a number of diversions, tweets accusing Hillary Clinton of illegal activity, or suggesting that Trump himself is under unfair attacks, or lashing out at undocumented immigrants.

Altogether, Trump’s morning activity, aside from blowing up the notifications of everyone who follows his Twitter account, had one real effect: it made him look extremely nervous and anxious about his son’s testimony.

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