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Trump Responds After GOP Gov. Charlie Baker Absolutely Destroys Him

Trump Responds After GOP Gov. Charlie Baker Absolutely Destroys Him

Charlie Baker may be the most popular Governor in all of the United States. Despite being a Republican, Baker has an 81% approval rating in Massachusetts. The state is among the most Liberal in the country.

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And Baker has regularly been willing to take Donald Trump to task for his many missteps. He did so again on Thursday, calling Trump’s election comments appalling and outrageous. The President responded on Friday morning, telling Baker he is wrong about mail in ballots.

Baker told reporters on Thursday, “I voted mail-in in the primary. It was what I would describe, here in Massachusetts, pretty similar to the way mail-in ballots work in most states, which is it’s basically absentee balloting on steroids.”

The Governor then moved on to Trump. “It is appalling and outrageous that anyone would suggest for a minute if they lose an election they’re not going to leave! Period.” he said. “And I know that I speak, I am sure, for the vast majority of the elected officials in the United States of America when I say that, and that’s where I think a big piece of the voice, whatever happens on election day, will come from.”

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Of course, the president wasn’t about to let that criticism go. Trump responded to the comment via Twitter on Friday morning. “RINO Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts is unsuccessfully trying to defend Mail In Ballots, when there is fraud being found all over the place. Just look at some of the recent races, or the Trump Ballots in Pennsylvania that were thrown into the garbage. Wrong Charlie!”


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