Trump Says ‘Respectful’ GOP Should Have ‘Pushed Forward’ Kavanaugh’s Confirmation ‘A Lot Faster’

President Donald Trump believes members of the Republican party have errored by being too respectful to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The President was asked by CNN about the confirmation of Kavanaugh and he expressed frustration with the time it has taken to complete the process.

Trump told reporters he “would have preferred” if his Republican allies had “pushed through” Kavanaugh nearly two and a half weeks ago.

“The Senate, the Republicans could not be nicer in the way they’re handling this,” the President said between attending UN functions.

“They could have pushed it through two and a half weeks ago and you would not be talking about it now, which is frankly what I would have preferred, but they didn’t do that,” Trump added.

“I think I might have pushed it forward a lot faster,” he continued. The President then said he was “okay” with how “respectful” Republicans have been toward “the woman,” referencing Christine Blasey Ford.

Here are the President’s remarks in full.

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