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Trump Reportedly Worried that Republican Lawmakers and Donors Are Turning on Him

Trump Reportedly Worried that Republican Lawmakers and Donors Are Turning on Him

As we head into the final weeks of the GOP’s control over the House of Representatives, reports coming from those close to the President have noted that Mr. Trump is beginning to worry that Republican lawmakers and donors are turning against him.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the president fears that he may be losing allies over his legal and political woes.

“They’re still not saying it publicly, but most Republicans on the Hill understand … that it’s not going to end well, that it’s going to be bad,” a longtime Republican operative who is close to party leadership told the LA Times.

The president, who has been used to getting away with behavior and tactics which skirt the law, according to those close to him, now finally appears to be realizing that such behavior doesn’t work well in the White House.

“He got away with so much, for so long, that he came to believe he was untouchable and invincible,” explained Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer for Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’.

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One of Trump’s biggest allies over the last decade, Michael Cohen, recently pleaded guilty to multiple felony counts, three of which are directly related to the president. Cohen’s relationship with Trump could best have been described as “tight,” as Cohen used to have an office at Trump Tower 20 feet away from Mr. Trump’s. Last week Cohen confirmed in court that the president directed him to commit two felonies while paying off women to keep them silent about affairs they had with Mr. Trump.

On January 3, the new Democratic majority will be sworn into the House of Representatives, and with them will come multiple investigations into the Trump world, as well as a guarantee that many of the president’s policy initiatives will be shot down unless he’s willing to work with Democrats. The fun part of Trump’s time in office appears to have ended.

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