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Trump Reportedly Wanted to Build a Wall in the Sahara Desert

Trump Reportedly Wanted to Build a Wall in the Sahara Desert

President Trump campaigned on the promise of building a wall on our southern border and having Mexico pay for it.  So far this plan has not materialized, and many political pundits don’t believe it ever will.  Apparently this isn’t the only failed attempt by President Trump to build a wall, however.

According to the UK’s Daily Express, President Trump also wanted to build a wall in the Sahara Desert, to help with Europe’s ‘migrant problem’.

Express reports that Spain’s Foreign Minister and former President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell, says that President Trump believed that a border wall would be a solution that could help Europe keep their southern neighbors out.

While the date of Trump’s suggestion was not noted, it is believed that it took place during Borrell’s trip to the United States in June of this year.

It was at a recent lunch in Madrid that Borrell made the U.S. President’s idea public.  According to Spanish newspaper, El Pais, Borrell said President Trump told him to “build a wall in the Sahara”, before stating that “The border with the Sahara cannot be bigger than ours with Mexico.

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Fact is the Sahara desert is 3,000 miles long, which is approximately 1,000 miles longer than the U.S. Mexican border.

For those who are wondering, there are currently no plans to build a wall in the Sahara Desert.

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