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Trump Reportedly Threw a Temper Tantrum After Pelosi/Schumer Meeting

Trump Reportedly Threw a Temper Tantrum After Pelosi/Schumer Meeting

Donald Trump held a televised meeting with democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi yesterday. Many felt that the president performed poorly and that Schumer and Pelosi got the better of him.

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According to LA Times reporter Eli Stokols, Trump was also unhappy with his performance. Stokols told Chris Matthews that following the meeting, Trump threw a temper tantrum, throwing papers and raging about Schumer.

Chuck Schumer, a long time associate of Donald Trump, has a way of getting under his skin. This was on full display Tuesday as the New York senator pressed the president about funding for the border wall. Trump eventually exclaimed, “I’m proud to shut down the government” over the border wall.

Stokols says, “[Trump] expressed frustration to the people who were present mainly with Chuck Schumer. His old New York sparring buddy he felt got the better of him. Goaded him into it.”

Schumer’s demeanor during the conference also dismayed the president, “[Trump] remarked about how Schumer wouldn’t make eye contact with the president and was actually looking back at the cameras as he was making comments to the president. It frustrated the president more than what worried his aides.”

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Schumer and Pelosi’s goading was not the only thing that upset Trump yesterday. He was also reportedly angered by the performance of Vice President, Mike Pence. During times of tense debate with the democratic leaders, Pence stayed mainly silent.

The silence of Pence was widely mocked on social media and late night television, something that Trump is likely acutely aware of.

Pelosi could not help but throw in a couple of digs following the meeting. She reportedly challenged the president’s manhood. She also told reporters the meeting should have been private since she “didn’t want to be in front of those people saying, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about.’”

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