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Trump Reportedly Thinks Hannity’s Questions Are “Dumb” And That He Doesn’t Try

Trump Reportedly Thinks Hannity’s Questions Are “Dumb” And That He Doesn’t Try

One would assume, judging by the questioning or lack thereof, that President Trump’s favorite interviewer would be Fox News’ Sean Hannity. After all, Hannity has conducted multiple interviews with the president over the last three years, and it’s hard to find any question which has ever appeared to make the president uncomfortable.

With all that said, a new report coming from the Daily Beast indicates that despite his close relationship to Mr. Hannity, the president often mocks him for being a suck-up.

According to three different sources speaking to the Daily Beast, Trump has on multiple occasions, and often times for long periods of time, made fun of the Fox News host.

“It’s like he’s not even trying,” Trump said of Hannity in front of one of the sources speaking to the Daily Beast.

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Others have said that Trump has called the questions Hannity asks “dumb,” and sometimes even imitates Hannity’s voice in a mocking way. Trump has also reportedly complained that the questions which seem to mostly praise him, don’t give him the opportunity to have fun.  As you know, the president often seems to thrive on controversy and some would say that he even appears to enjoy conflict on some occasions.

Despite all of these playful criticisms, the president still reportedly “loves Sean” and their friendship remains strong.

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