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Trump Reportedly Considers Turning Away Innocent Asylum Seekers at Southern Border

Trump Reportedly Considers Turning Away Innocent Asylum Seekers at Southern Border

As thousands of Central American migrants trek through Mexico on their way to the southern border of the United States, the country debates how to handle the influx of these men, women and children — many of whom are seeking asylum in the United States.

Now, the Huffington Post reports that President Trump is considering taking executive action as a means of stopping individuals from seeking asylum in order to escape violence in their home countries. The action reportedly would be added as a proclamation that is linked to his travel ban on Muslim-countries.

While there is no debating that we simply can not allow thousands and thousands of immigrants to flood into our nation illegally, executive action such as this will certainly become a heated debate topic between Republicans and Democrats.  While many Republicans may side with the president, undoubtedly the majority of Democrats will be against turning away legitimate asylum seekers.

These are innocent men, women, and children who are fleeing gang violence, starvation and in some cases, an almost certain death in countries like Honduras and Guatemala.

In Honduras, women are afraid to walk or take public transportation alone.  If you wear jewelry or expensive clothing, there is a good chance you will be robbed.  There is even an unofficial “war tax” that forces family businesses to pay off street gangs, or risk being beaten or even killed.

In Guatemala it is much of the same.  Gangs are everywhere, and young children are recruited into these gangs.  According to one Guatemalan woman, named Daysi Pena, a gang tried to take her granddaughter into their possession.

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“One of them came over and told me she was going to be his and that if she was not his, she would not be anyone’s. He would kill her,” Pena told Aljazeera. “It is not possible to argue with those people.”

Gangs flourish in these Central American countries because the government doesn’t have the ability to stop them. Unlike in America, violent corruption runs rampant, making the nation a breeding ground for gang activity, and making it unlikely that gang members would have much interest in walking 3,000 miles in order to face organized law and order across the American border.

A ban on Asylum seekers will certainly cause an outrage by Democrats, but it is still unknown how Republicans would react to such an executive action by President Trump.

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