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Trump Replaces IG Investigating Elaine Chao With Person Mitch McConnell Vetted

Trump Replaces IG Investigating Elaine Chao With Person Mitch McConnell Vetted

President Trump has fired the Inspector General who was investigating Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. The replacement was vetted by Chao’s husband, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. The decision to fire the Transportation IG was made on Friday. The IG for the Department of Transportation was investigating Chao for allegedly favoring Mitch McConnell and his political aspirations.

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – FEBRUARY 28: Secretary of the Department of Transportation Elaine Chao speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference 2020 (CPAC) hosted by the American Conservative Union on February 28, 2020 in National Harbor, MD. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

The replacement is being appointed from inside the Transportation Department. The question is whether or not the former IG found anything unethical about Chao and if that could have led to his ousting? This move also leaves many wondering what will happen to the investigation into Chao and her husband.

It is important to point out that the ousted IG was merely the acting IG and a permanent replacement still needs to be voted on by a senate committee. In the meantime, Trump has made sure that no one can call foul on his decision. He made sure that the replacement IG was a political appointee which still means that the permanent replacement has to be chosen.

The move is still raising eyebrows because of what IG Mitch Behm was investigating. He was looking into whether Chao played favorites with her husband’s constituents by directing millions of dollars to Kentucky. It is believed she did this to help her Sen. McConnell’s underwater approval rating in his state.

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McConnell was the one to vet Behm’s replacement, Howard Elliott.  Now McConnell is involved in Eric Soskin possibly becoming Transportation IG on a permanent basis. If Soskin is appointed it will essentially put the Trump administration in charge of the investigation into Chao and McConnell.

President Trump also recently fired the State Department IG who was investigating Secretary Pompeo for his handling of an arms deal involving Saudi Arabia. It will be interesting if anyone else gets replaced as we get closer to November.

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