Trump Repays Media Allies Who Report Positive News, By Promoting Their Books

While President Obama caught a lot of heat throughout his Presidency for calling on Fox News reporters less frequently than other reporters, the current President is interfering in our free press in an exponentially more damaging way.

When most Americans envision Trump interfering in the norms of our free press, they likely think about all the times he yells ‘fake news,’ or calls the press the ‘enemy of the people’. While these kinds of actions are incredibly damaging to the country, what is even more harmful are those actions which Trump takes with his allies in the media.

Yesterday, Michael Avenatti, made the following tweet:

Avenatti points out the clear quid pro quo of the situation, in which attorney Alan Dershowitz continues to support the President on television, while in return the President helps him profit by tweeting an endorsement of Dershowitz’s book to his 53 million followers. This one instance, however, is just a tiny blip on the entire Trump/media quid pro quo map. In fact, the President makes it a regular occurrence to tweet out endorsements of those who support him the greatest. Below are just a handful of the examples I found over the past 9 months alone:

July 24, 2018 – Gregg Jarrett Book Endorsement:

Jarrett is a Fox News anchor, who regularly attacks Trump’s opponents, while supporting Trump and his crazy ‘witch hunt’ claims:

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