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Trump Releases New Ad Linking Migrant Caravan to Convicted Killer

Trump Releases New Ad Linking Migrant Caravan to Convicted Killer

With the midterm elections days away, Donald Trump is amping up his anti-immigrant rhetoric. His latest campaign ad attempts to connect convicted killer Luis Bracomontes to the migrant caravan traveling across Mexico.

Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, killed two California police officers in 2014. The clearly unhinged criminal spent much of his murder trial laughing and making threats against the court.

The video makes clear use of the trial footage and claims that Democrats were responsible for letting Bracamontes into the country. The ad then cuts to footage of the migrant caravan in an attempt to connect the two.


Trump has claimed that the caravan contains gang members and “unknown middle easterners.” He has also attempted to connect the caravan to George Soros, an attempt that many see as being Anti-Semitic.

When asked if he thought Soros was funding the migrants, Trump said, “I don’t know who, but I wouldn’t be surprised.” He followed up that comment with a common refrain, “A lot of people say yes.”

Republicans have seized on the migrants as a way to excite their base in the run up to the midterms. Despite claims of dangerous people in the group, the caravan is mostly made up of women and children fleeing violent situations.

The ad also highlights the messaging the Republicans have chosen to use during election season. The GOP had initially hoped to drive voters by talking about tax cuts and Brett Kavanaugh.

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The tax cuts have largely been seen as a gift to the wealthy, with normal Americans not seeing much of a difference. The Republicans had also hoped to highlight the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s nomination process, however, proved to be divisive especially among suburban women.

This video would make it seem that the GOP is all-in on making the caravan the major story of their midterm strategy. Tuesday’s election results will show whether or not it was successful.


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