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Trump To Release GOP-Edited Version Of Nunes Memo

Trump To Release GOP-Edited Version Of Nunes Memo

The Trump White House is desperate to change the current FBI narrative and they are prepared to release a GOP-edited version of the Nunes memo.

As the Mueller investigation closes in on the 45th POTUS, Trump and his cronies appear ready to do whatever it takes to discredit the FBI and everyone involved in the Robert Mueller-led investigation.

Using archaic laws and lacking any respect for the constitution, Trump is allegedly planning to released the classified memo in an attempt to justify the possibly termination of the special counsel while undermining future efforts for the investigation.

The Nunes memo claims that the FBI used nefarious methods to investigate a Trump campaign staffer. The Director sayd he had “grave concerns” over released the memo.

The Nunes memo, named after the GOP representative who’s pushing it, will probably be released today, despite concerns over its constitutionality and the damage it could cause by changing the Russian-investigations narrative.

Democrat Adam Schiff, the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee says the memo was edited after the committee voted to release it and before it went to the White House. In an op-ed for The Washington Post Schiff outlined the dangers of making the memo public.

This decision to employ an obscure rule to order the release of classified information for partisan political purposes crossed a dangerous line. Doing so without even allowing the Justice Department or the FBI to vet the information for accuracy, the impact of its release on sources and methods, and other concerns was, as the Justice Department attested, “extraordinarily reckless.”  But it also increases the risk of a constitutional crisis by setting the stage for subsequent actions by the White House to fire Mueller or, as now seems more likely, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, an act that would echo the 1973 Saturday Night Massacre. As multiple investigations work to unearth the full truth, the president has lashed out with Nixonian ferocity at the Justice Department, the FBI, congressional investigators and the media.”

The Daily 202, also by The Washington Post, points out that Trump knows exactly what releasing the memo could do.

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“Senior White House officials and advisers say that President Trump wants the document published because he sees it as key to making changes at the Justice Department, particularly pushing out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

“Few things have frustrated Trump as much as the law enforcement agencies he cannot fully control,” Josh Dawsey, Devlin Barrett and Karoun Demirjian report. “Allies say he is upset that he can’t control ‘my guys’ at the ‘Trump Justice Department’ and that no one seems particularly loyal to him.

If the last sentence in that quote doesn’t scare you, just remember that dictators all over the world have used the same type of justifications from their own loyal party members to change the narrative of their rule.

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