Trump Refusing To Pay Giuliani Legal Bill

“Everything Trump Touches Dies” (ETTD) is the mantra and title of a book authored by the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson and with good reason. Atlantic City casinos, hotels, golf courses, steaks, vodka, universities, charities, presidencies – pretty much everything Donald Trump has undertaken in his adult life ultimately has flamed out.

The fallout of those failures usually includes Trump refusing to pay his bills. It looks like Rudy Giuliani, perhaps the most ardent and public of Trump’s boosters, is now part of that carnage. Sources have told the Washington Post that Trump has instructed aides not to pay the legal fees that he’s racked up with the former New York City mayor. He also has demanded that Giuliani’s travel expense reimbursements be submitted to him for approval.

Since the Nov. 3 election the president’s personal attorney has crisscrossed the country on his behalf to hold press availabilities, appear in court and testify before state legislators in a futile effort to secure a second term as president for his boss. In the midst of Giuliani’s nationwide blitz it was reported that he was demanding $20,000 a day for his services, a rate far beyond that commanded by even the nation’s most highly sought-after and skilled attorneys.

Not paying Giuliani actually would be a wise business move for the twice-impeached president since Giuliani’s performance in his efforts to overturn the election has been abysmal. None of the almost 60 legal actions that he’s spearheaded with the help of attorneys Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell have succeeded and there have been multiple calls for Giuliani to be disbarred and criminally prosecuted for making outlandish, unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

ETTD indeed.

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