Trump Recount Spox: If Russia Investigators Don’t Face Prosecution, We’ll “Take Care Of Them Another Way”

A spokesperson billed as a “Trump for President 2020 surrogate” appeared on Newsmax to declare that if Joe Biden, as president, allows the team that investigated Donald Trump’s cooperation with Russia to go unpunished, they’ll have to be “take[n] care of” in “another way.”

Vigilante threat? Newsmax guest says we'll "take care of [John Brennan] another way" if not charged criminally
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Brian Trascher’s claim to fame before he jumped on the Trump train was authoring a book called Laws and Sausage: You Never Want To See Either Get Made, spinning off a quote attributed to Otto von Bismarck. He bills himself as a public speaker. However, in the Newsmax clip below, his words could perhaps have been more careful.

He’s talking about the investigation into the investigators — in which Attorney General William Barr assigned John Durham to seek out the origins of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s contacts with Russian operatives during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Mueller sought to determine whether Trump cooperated with Russian operatives in interfering with the election, and after Barr first misrepresented the report from that investigation, he then turned to an investigation to discredit the results.

Now Trascher, nominally speaking for Trump’s campaign, appears to suggest vigilante action if the officials who led the Russia investigation aren’t pursued by the Justice system.

I think [the Durham report is] going to be very damning. We already know that members of the CIA and FBI participated in the phony Russian collusion hoax against President Trump. I think there’s going to be some high profile people named in this report. Now, if Joe Biden does pull off the miracle and is able to get himself sworn in as president I think that the reports going to absolutely be destroyed buried never see the light of day and criminals like [former CIA director] John Brennan will walk free amongst us and we’ll just have to take care of them another way, I guess.

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