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Trump Rants about Florida and ‘Crooked’ Votes Never Going The Other Way

Trump Rants about Florida and ‘Crooked’ Votes Never Going The Other Way

President Donald J. Trump on Friday went on a rant about the narrow election results in Florida for Senate and Governor. The President’s statements quickly spun off into an attempt to claim corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic party, despite the POTUS offering absolutely zero proof of foul play.

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Just before his departure to Paris, the President claimed that votes tend to favor Democrats when contested elections are in play, a comment that completely ignored the contested election between Al Gore and President George W. Bush.

“You notice the votes never go the other way?” Trump told reporters. “They hire lawyers, and the votes don’t ever seem to go the Republican way…I don’t know. You tell me. It’s always the Democrats.”

The President then went into full conspiracy mode:

“It’s always GPS Fusion,” the president said. “It’s always crooked stuff. Look at what happened. How many FBI are gone, how many Justice Department people are gone that I found out?…There’s a lot of bad stuff going on in this country, and we’re finding out. And I’m getting to the bottom of it. And I’ve done a hell of a job.”

President Trump has taken issue with voters since his 2016 electoral win. After Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in the popular vote by more than three million votes, Trump launched an investigation to expose massive voter fraud. The President’s committee was not able to uncover any type of conspiratorial cases and the committee was shunned almost as quickly as it was conceived.

President Trump has now suggested that the federal government could get involved in the race while simultaneously trying to side with Governor Rick Scott who called his own female election supervisors “unethical liberals.”

“If you look at Broward and Palm Beach (counties) to a lesser extent … they have had a horrible history,” Trump told reporters.

“And if you look at the person, in this case a woman, involved — she has had a horrible history,” It’s not clear if Trump was talking about Scott’s female election supervisor.

“All of a sudden they are finding votes out of nowhere,” Trump chimed in with regards to the Senate race.

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As absentee ballots continue to pour in, indeed, Scott’s lead has plummeted with Trump claiming the numbers change “every couple of hours” and “it goes down a little bit.”

Hotly contested races in the United States are prone to this type of shift and despite Trump’s rants, Scott at the time of this article still has a comfortable 15,000 vote lead over Democrat Bill Nelson.

In the meantime, Governor Scott has sued his own election supervisors, claiming that left-wing activists are working against him.

“Every day since the election, the left-wing activists in Broward County have been coming out with more and more ballots out of nowhere. Their goal is to keep mysteriously finding votes until the election turns out the way they want,” Scott told reporters.

Scott’s lawsuit claims that Broward elections supervisor Brenda Snipes and Palm Beach supervisor Susan Bucher have engaged in “rampant fraud” while refusing to release their voter tabulations. Scott has offered no proof of “rampant fraud” at this time.

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