Trump Rally Speaker Threatens To Shoot Vaccine Administrators

A livestream commentator caught a speaker at a Trump bus event threatening to shoot anyone who tried to administer a vaccine to his kids. Though the original video is no longer public, the commentator’s copy of it, with reactions, is available for viewing.

Kevinly Father catches Cordie Williams threatening to shoot healthcare workers.
[Screenshot via Kevinly Father/YouTube]

On his YouTube channel, Kevinly Father was hosting a ‘Lie Stream’ — a live stream event with fact checking — and showing video of Trump supporters speaking at rally events. When he switched over to a stream of chiropractor — pardon, make that “first-generation chiropractor,” to use his own words — Cordie Williams speaking at a March For Trump Bus Tour, though, his viewers got to witness something more than false statements about the election and misdirection. Williams started speaking about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine raises a lot of controversy in the public discourse — there are antivaxxers in general, then there are anti-Trump people afraid that the vaccine hasn’t had sufficient testing since Trump boasted about rushing it, and then there are Trumpers whose distrust of anything from the government (except Trump) has only intensified over the last four years. However, there’s no real controversy among scientists and medical experts.

Still, among those who sow doubt, one of the most prominent conspiracy theories is the idea that the government will mandate this vaccine and use physical force or coercion to innoculate the entire population. There is no government mandate to receive the vaccine. It’s just not true. USA Today reports that there may, at some future point, be some employers who require the vaccine, but the government does not intend to do so.

However, it seems chiropractor Williams is one of those who has bought into the conspiracy theory, and has a dark fantasy in which a health-care worker approaches his child to provide nonconsensual protection from the coronavirus. He’s not having it.

“I’ve got a two-year-old and a four-year-old…When they come for my kids with this nontested COVID vaccine, I’m gonna give them an insurance policy courtesy of Glock on their forehead…I’m not inciting violence but what I am inciting is resolve.”

It should be noted that the COVID-19 vaccines have all undergone rigorous testing before being made available — to claim otherwise is simply false.

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