Trump Rages At Twitter As “Diaper Don” Trends

Photos from Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving press conference have, under internet scrutiny, resulted in the Twitter trending of the phrase ‘Diaper Don.’ The conclusion stemmed from the combination of some zoom-in sleuths and Noel Casler’s long assertion that the president relies on adult diapers. As with any criticism, valid or otherwise, Trump isn’t taking it quietly.

Diaper Don has Trump lashing out at Twitter trends
[Photo by Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images]

Donald Trump addressed the press Thursday from behind a small desk, resulting in some camera angles that just don’t happen when he sits behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office. Zooming in on still shots from the event, some social media users concluded that they show a thickness that suggests the president is wearing a protective garment. It’s not the first time he’s been mocked on Twitter as “Diaper Don,” but this time it took off, with the term being tweeted and retweeted so much that it landed in Twitter’s “trending” section.

In fact, as often happens with criticisms and mockery of Trump, some accounts made a specific effort to get the term into trending, and keep it there.

Trump, who apparently thinks that Twitter decides what will trend, rather than simply curating it from algorithms that watch what’s being discussed on the platform, tweeted a complaint.

Claiming that Twitter “make[s] it up,” he also threatened the site with the same fate as Fox News, from which he has worked over recent weeks to divert consumers.

Donald Trump's critics cause #diaperdon and #trumptantrum to trend on Twitter
[Screenshot via Twitter]

As you can see, by Friday morning, #DiaperDon was still trending — now along with the hashtag #TrumpTantrum.

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