Trump Rages Against Liz Cheney After She Says He Was Depressed Following 2020 Election Loss

While they may say things behind his back in private, most GOP lawmakers have been supportive of Donald Trump in public. Liz Cheney was different. The powerful Republican ex-Rep. ended her political career by coming out against the former President. 

The former Wyoming congresswoman recently penned a memoir about her time in politics. In one section, she discusses Kevin McCarthy's trip to Mar-a-Lago after Trump lost the presidency. 

According to Cheney, McCarthy was there not only to pledge his loyalty to Trump but also to console the depressed former President. Responding to those claims, the former President raged on Truth Social:

"Crazy Liz Cheney, who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome at a level rarely seen before, writes in her boring new book that Keven McCarthy said he came to Mar-a-Lago after the RIGGED election because, 'the former president was depressed and not eating.' That statement is not true. I was not depressed, I WAS ANGRY, and it was not that I was not eating, it was that I was eating too much."

Trump's rage post continued, "But that’s not why Keven McCarthy was there. He was at Mar-a-Lago to get my support, and to bring the Republican Party together - Only good intentions. Liz Cheney, on the other hand, went on to lose her seat in Congress by the largest margin for a sitting Congressperson in the history of the U.S. She then worked with others on the J6 Committee to delete and destroy the evidence and findings of the committee."