Trump & Putin Complain to Each Other About “Fake News” and the “Deep State” While Plotting International Policy

Although it’s been somewhat of a running joke among Democrats, and even some Republicans in Washington, that President Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, are ‘best buds’, a new Washington Post article published this weekend, sheds further light on what appears to be a somewhat friendly relationship between the two.  Buried in the Post’s article, mostly about Trump’s relationship with American allies, are two incredibly troubling paragraphs, based off of claims made by senior White House officials.

Officials claim that Trump has had several phone calls with the Russian President since taking office, and that the two men often plot international policy together.

“So what do you think I should do about North Korea?” Trump asked Putin in a November phone call, according to one senior official.  

On other occasions, the two men discussed Syria, where Putin offered to help Trump achieve his agenda of pulling the US out of the region, before advisers urged the President not to accept such an offer.

That’s not all though.  In addition to plotting international policy together, Putin and Trump have often commiserated with one another over both the ‘deep state’ and ‘fake news,’ according to one senior official.  In fact, Putin went as far as telling the President that the ‘deep state’ is conspiring against them both.

On the surface, such communication between two leaders would not be that alarming, but pundits on both sides of the aisle worry that the President appears to be taking his rhetoric, lies and propaganda to the American people, directly from the leader of a hostile foreign power.

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