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Trump Primary Opponent Walsh “Doesn’t Think” He’d Vote Against Him in General Election

Trump Primary Opponent Walsh “Doesn’t Think” He’d Vote Against Him in General Election

Joe Walsh was a prominent Tea Party Republican who rode the 2010 conservative wave into the House of Representatives. He served one term in Illinois’ 8 District before becoming a radio host who is frequently critical of Donald Trump.

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This anti-fervor led Walsh to mount a primary campaign against the President. He became the second challenger to Trump along with former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. While Walsh has regularly strong language against the President, he recently said that he may still vote for him against a Democratic opponent.

The Republican made the comments during an appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC program. When asked about supporting a Democrat against Trump, Walsh said, “I don’t know, that’s the best honest answer I can you. I could be brought there. I’m a tea party conservative. The Democrats’ ideas, many of them scare me.”

While claims like this aren’t unusual for a Republican, Walsh has been an extremely vocal critic of Trump. He recently filmed a video where he questioned Trump’s fitness for the White House. The video was also used to announce the Tea Party conservatives intention to challenge Trump for the nomination.

“We’re tired of a president waking up every morning and tweeting ugly insults at ordinary Americans,” Walsh said.  “We’re tired of a president who is tweeting this country into a recession.”

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He also said that Trump paints a poor picture of Republicans, noting, “I’m a conservative. I’m running because Donald Trump is not who we are. He’s the worst of who we are.”


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