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Trump Praises Nick Bosa, but Ignores Black #1 NFL Draft Pick Kyler Murray

Trump Praises Nick Bosa, but Ignores Black #1 NFL Draft Pick Kyler Murray

Donald Trump has had quite a notable clash with Black athletes, particularly those in the NFL who decided to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest police brutality against African Americans. The controversy had largely died down as of late, but it is back in the news as of Saturday due to Trump’s reaction to two very different picks for the National Football League.

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On Saturday morning, Kyler Murray, a black quarterback from Oklahoma, was named the number one pick in the NFL draft. Trump ignored this fact, which would not be unusual by  most standards. However, Trump did go out of his way to praise the number two pick, a white player by the name of Nick Bosa from Ohio State University. Here is the tweet that is causing the stir:


Aside from being picked second, Bosa also has had to clear his Twitter account of a bit of racism. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

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”Bosa recently deleted tweets in which he called Colin Kaepernick a ‘clown,’ referred to Beyonce’s music as ‘complete trash’ and called ‘Black Panther’ the worst Marvel movie. On Thursday, the website Blacksportsonline posted threads showing Bosa following and liking accounts that feature white nationalist posts. The twitter feed @rzstprogramming showed Bosa retweeted a tweet referring to ‘crappernick.’”

Then again, Trump’s hostility to black athletes, and Colin Kaepernick and other protesting NFL players in particular, is well documented. He, like anyone, is entitled to that opinion. However, it does come off as suspiciously racist to praise the white number two pick with a history of open racism while skipping over the black player who came in first.

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