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Trump Postpones Meeting With Danish PM After She Calls Greenland Idea “Absurd”

Trump Postpones Meeting With Danish PM After She Calls Greenland Idea “Absurd”

Donald Trump is a non-traditional President, and in that vein, he and his administration come up with some non-traditional ideas. One of these recent thoughts was that the United States would purchase the country of Greenland.  The country is imagined to be rife with oil and mineral resources.

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Greenland operates semi-autonomously, with Denmark, it’s sovereign owner, taking care of the country’s foreign policy. Danish PM Mette Fredericksen called the idea “absurd.” After those words, Trump decided to postpone a planned September 2nd visit to Denmark.

Fredericksen did not hold back in her immediate criticism of the idea. In addition to calling it absurd, she told reporters, “Greenland is not Danish. Greenland is Greenlandic. I persistently hope that this is not something that is seriously meant. Thankfully, the time where you buy and sell other countries and populations is over. Let’s leave it there. Jokes aside, we will of course love to have an even closer strategic relationship with the United States.”

Trump announced last night on Twitter that he would be postponing the trip. He wrote, “Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments, that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland, I will be postponing our meeting scheduled in two weeks for another time.”

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The President continued, “he Prime Minister was able to save a great deal of expense and effort for both the United States and Denmark by being so direct. I thank her for that and look forward to rescheduling sometime in the future!”


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