Trump Pocketing Republican Donations — Georgia Runoff Candidates In Peril

Over and over, people who have been close to Donald Trump, including family members and business connections, have told us that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Now Republicans are concerned that the president’s ability to center himself in everything will put the elections in Georgia at risk financially.

Loeffler and Purdue campaigns suffer for Trump
[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Trump’s election reactions are already showing the potential to harm the Senate campaigns of Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue, two Georgia Republicans who face elections in January. He showed up in the state for one rally to support the two candidates, and it turned into a gripe-fest where he complained about his own lost election, and blamed state election officials. He reportedly did so much damage to support for Republicans in the January elections that he won’t be invited back.

Then there are the election conspiracies themselves –certain very vocal and visible Trump supporters are rallying voters to boycott the Georgia elections, claiming that the November 3rd elections were ‘rigged’ and that there must be changes before voting in January.

Now, Raw Story reports, Republicans are also concerned that Trump’s fundraising could harm the Georgia candidates. As has been reported, much of the money donated to Trump’s campaign to fight the election outcome is cleared to funnel to his own ‘personal expenses’ — and whether they’re used for propping up his businesses or paying attorneys to fight a lost cause in court, those are GOP donor dollars that are not helping elect Loeffler and Purdue.

Rallies, paper fliers, television ads, and everything else in a political campaign all cost money. If Trump is absorbing all the money, it could mean a struggle for Senate campaigns.

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