Trump Plaza Casino Is Being Demolished, Atlantic City Mayor Doesn’t Think It Is Happening Quickly Enough

Icahn Enterprises have officially planned to demolish the former Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City. The news was confirmed on Thursday by the city’s Mayor Marty Small. Icahn is the new owner of the property and is planning to bring down the building by implosion in June 2021. This date did not please Mayor small who is eager to put something new in the casino’s place.

Small said at the press conference, “That’s smack dab in the middle of our season. My administration’s goal is to get it down. By the end of the year, or late February, and time for cleanup for next summer season.” The plan is to hurry along the process by holding a meeting with all departments involved in the process. Dale Finch, the director of licensing and inspections for the city said, In order to expedite the permitting process, city officials will hold a meeting next week with all relevant departments, the construction, and demolition companies so everyone can hear the plans at once.

Mayor Small tried to get the building condemned earlier this year by trying to convince the court it was an “imminent hazard.” Small pointed out that pieces of debris were falling onto the boardwalk. According to Small, Icahn was given 45 days by a judge to confirm that they were taking the building down, and they made those plans official this week.

There is currently no confirmation of what will take the casino’s place. Small had this to say, “The same energy and effort that we put into getting the structure down is the same energy and effort that we are going to work side by side with them, or if they sell the property, side by side with any developer who wants to take advantage of this center city oceanfront massive property.”

It will be interesting to see what takes its place.

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