Trump Plans Rally In Florida, Says He Has ‘Very Little Infection Or Virus, If Any’

Donald Trump is in a hurry to get back to his rallies after his bout with COVID-19. Although CDC guidelines call for a 10-day quarantine, and his only began on Thursday evening (October 2), he hopes to hold an event in Florida on Saturday (October 10), he told Sean Hannity. That will be about nine days since his late-evening diagnosis last week. (His doctor describes it as ‘day ten,’ but it’s not the first time his timeline has been unconventional.)

Donald Trump rally while covid19 infected
[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

COVID-19 can hit a patient hard in a lot of ways. For Donald Trump, it appears that the restriction on his movements has been one of the most difficult — and hardest to treat. While he received the best medical treatments, the president also fought for ways to alleviate the isolation that is a prescribed part of the virus response. He took a field trip for a drive-by rally during his hospital stay, and he’s been releasing videos to maintain a connection with his fan base as the election approaches. He’s already planned a virtual rally on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, and he told Sean Hannity Thursday night that he wants to do a Saturday rally in Florida.

Asked if he’s had a COVID-19 test since his diagnosis, Trump gave a confused and contradictory response. He says that “probably the test will be tomorrow,” but also describes test results in which “they found very little infection or virus, if any.”

Trump may be trying to describe the results his doctor gave on Wednesday of a Monday lab draw, which showed antibodies for the virus. However, multiple experts told Buzzfeed that this is misleading, since Trump was given an infusion of antibodies, and therefore finding them doesn’t indicate whether he’s making his own.

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